Thornbury Township Oral History Project

Thornbury Township, PA

Interviewing a Thornbury Township resident

Scope: Oral History and Public Memory

More Information: View Thornbury Township Site

For the Historical Commission of Thornbury Township in Delaware County, PA, Interpretive Solutions video taped 2 hour interviews with over 30 residents to capture the life experiences of the township’s older residents. Interviews were conducted over several years to capture the major strands of their 20th century life experience. The interviews followed a series of thematic discussion points that were established at the outset of the project. While each interview was a self contained and focused story that explored an individuals’ experiences, the collection of stories for the Township, when seen together, portray a collective past offering deep insights into life as it was in Thornbury’s past with vivid examples of the transforming local cultural landscape over the course of the 20th century.